Precut Splitboard Skins


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In cooperation with the Austrian producer Kohla, we offer splitboard skins which are precut to fit our boards straight out of the box. The mix-Mohair skins have the best combination of gliding performance and grip. To further improve performance they are rubber-sealed on the edges to prevent water intake, in order to keep the skins dry and light in all snow conditions.

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Care, Storage and Maintenance of splitboard skins

• Never fold adhesive skins directly glue surface on glue surface, always use the specially developped protective foil as separating layer. The use of the protective foil guarantees the best possible preservation of the glue adhesive properties therefore ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your splitboard skins.

• Never scrape the skins over the edge of the splitboard.

• The glue is conceived for a good prepared (waxed, scraped and brushed) splitboard. Don’t mount the skins to brand-new or dried out base, as the skins would stick too much.

• Never roll the skins or adhere the adhesive side to the plush side.

• Take the skins out of their bag after each use. Hang them up stuck-together in a well ventilated and dry place protected from direct sunlight. Only dry the skins at room temperature.

• Never lay the skins on a heater or other heat source. Never expose the skins to sunlight for a prolonged period.

• Store the properly dried skins in their bag, protected from sunlight in a cool, dry place.

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