In spring 2013 Julien „Pica“ Herry spotted a possible line down the north face of Aiguille Verte, along the Washburn route. It becomes challenging to find conditions for a clean descent as the Couturier couloir gets more famous; thus, we thought the Washburn route would be a good alternative.

Julien, Luca Rolli, and I decided to give the route a try on the 16th of May that same year. Unfortunately, our departure from the camp was delayed in the morning and we realized it was already too late to try the route when we reached the face. Slightly disappointed we decided to turn back with the hope of giving the route a try in the following weeks. A few days later, strong skiers Vivien Bruchez and Seb Montaz, who had the same plan as us, managed to ride the full line, which they named “Les Z.” Even though we were slightly bitter about not being the first to ride the line, we quickly forgot about „Les Z“ due to the spring of 2013 offering amazing conditions for a lot of other runs.

Three French skiers found the line in excellent conditions on the 3rd of March 2016, and I was asked by Julien if I wanted to join him and Lambert Galli to give it a try. I accepted the invitation, but as always conditions in the high mountains can quickly change. It turned out to be a very challenging descent, but we were the only ones on the face due to the hard snow. A few weeks later conditions were excellent and Aiguille Verte was ridden by 10 skiers on the same day. If someone would have asked me earlier if I’d ride the north face of Aiguille Verte in hard conditions, I’d most probably say no. But if you want to ride faces where falling is not an option without crowds in the future, this might be the only option.

//Davide Capozzi

The fall can be a very frustrating time of the year; the desire to get back on snow after a long summer is high, but finding decent riding conditions can be difficult. Thus, we’ve interviewed and collected some of the best tips for preseason riding from our team riders. First up is Davide Capozzi providing some tips about where to go in the Western Alps.

What’s your favorite resort for pre-season riding?

The obvious place to start the season in Valle d’Aosta is Breuil – Cervinia as the high altitude allows for early fall riding. However, I personally prefer to start the season with the first snowfalls at Punta Helbronner, on the Italian side of Mont Blanc. Good conditions are likely to be found there thanks to the cable car that brings you up to an altitude of 3466 m.

What makes Helbronner so special?

The environment is always special at Punta Helbronner because you are in the very high mountains. It is more challenging to ride in fall because the snowpack on the glaciers is still thin and there are a lot of crevasses. Therefore, you have to be very careful about where you go. However, you can often take advantage of good conditions for riding short steep faces. Especially in recent years we have seen amazing conditions in the fall, similar to those you would usually find in the spring, allowing for steep descents.

Daniel Furberg and Davide Capozzi riding at Helbronner on February 2. 2016

What time of fall would you recommend to go to Breuil-Cervinia, and why?

For those who want to do the first freeriding of the season I’d say that Breuil-Cervinia is a must-go! In November it is already possible most of the time to make long runs and there are days with less people during the week. The winds in the fall are also not too strong, which means you can often find good snow.

Any special runs you could recommend?

All descents that start from the top station of the Plateau Rosa are interesting and the cable car from Cime Bianche allows you to do a lot of laps in one day.


Cime Bianche and Plateau Rosa marked in red. Map from

Do you have any favorite place for splitboarding in fall?

After the first snowfall, I love the area of the Gran San Bernardo, along the border between the Italian Valle d’Aosta and the Swiss Valais. The cold currents here often provide a lot of heavy snow early in the season that allows for some early splitboard tours. You can choose to either go to the Italian or the Swiss side depending on whether it is a northern or southern cold current.

Backcountry snowboarding can be a dangerous activity. You should always read the local avalanche report, bring the necessary safety equipment, and have the required safety knowledge before heading into the backcountry.

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We are stoked to welcome Manuela Mandl to the Furberg team! Manuela is an exceptionally talented snowboarder who’s competing on the Freeride World Tour.

Although born and raised in the flatlands of eastern Austria, Manuela’s fascination for mountains has always been a big part of her life. She started skiing at the age of three, but after trying snowboarding in 2002, she was hooked and never went back. Her style is defined by high speed and the fact that she likes to ride in variable conditions. Her fast and powerful riding has proved to be advantageous when competing on the Freeride World Qualifier Series, where she has won many events, grabbed the Austrian National title multiple times, and qualified for the 2017 Freeride World Tour.

Besides competing, Manuela constantly works on improving her snowboarding and mountaineering skills, while also pursuing her architecture degree.

We look forward to follow Manuela throughout the winter, as she’s competing among the worlds best freeride snowboarders!